Pom Pom Quarterly Magazine

Pom Pom magazine, founded in 2012 by Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck, is a knock-out quarterly creative magazine that presents knitting, crochet, and craft in a modern, beautiful, and meaningful way. Mainly conceived as a collection of patterns complemented by thoughtful writing and useful tutorials, Pom Pom celebrates the joy of making with a relaxed vibe and community spirit.

At Pom Pom they know that knitters and crocheters are creative, curious people – so Pom Pom Quarterly also includes lots of other enjoyable features – from cocktail recipes, to dyeing tutorials, to articles about 18th century paper cut artists! Meghan, Lydia and the Pom Pom team take pride in every detail of their magazine, from the typefaces to the paper it’s printed on as they say “knitters are tactile people after all!”. Pom Pom Quarterly is a British publication printed in the United Kingdom.