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Want to get straight to knitting and crochet yarns, patterns, needles and hooks that have just landed at Laughing Hens? Start your browsing, your journey of inspiration, right here!

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Items 1 to 12 of 641 total

The yarn industry, similar to the world of fashion, never sleeps. Behind the doors of many popular yarn brands innovators and designers respond to the ebb and flow of trends and customer demand to satisfy the crafting desires of knitters and crocheters all around the world.

Every year, many such brands provide two main product launches - Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter - in which they release new yarn ranges, new shades in existing yarn collections, as well as supporting patterns, be they books or separate leaflets usually available as a PDF download.

We also showcase new products from smaller and independent brands as and when they're released as well as 'new-to-us' stock, which can happen at any time throughout the year.

Whether you're a 'yarn first' or 'pattern first' inspiration seeker, this page - which provides a constantly evolving and up-to-date list of everything that as is new in, helps you to quickly identify your next project.

Happy browsing!