Cotton Yarn

Beautiful cotton yarns, perfect for summer knitting and crochet but ideal all year round. Cotton knitting yarns are lightweight and breathable but also durable. Pick and choose a shade in the knowledge that cotton both holds color well and washes easily. 

We have a selection of the top brands in a variety of weights, and colors, including both vibrant tints and calming pastel. Moreover, as we aim to supply you with everything you need to knit and crochet, we have even sought out patterns, designs and accessories that go with your chosen yarn; just click through the products below to see.

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Items 1 to 12 of 57 total

What are cotton yarns? 

Cotton yarns are spun from fibers found in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Natural cotton is usually white. After being harvested the cotton is cleaned, dyed and spun into yarn. Compared to wool, cotton is inelastic. Consequently, it lacks the "bounce" of other natural fibers. Blending cotton with synthetic fibers allows the cotton to stretch, lessens the weight and allows it to dry faster. Cotton knitting yarn creates great stitch definition. It is durable, holds color well and washes easily. 

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