Welcome to the wonderful world of DROPS yarns - a brand that offers just about everything to satisfy your yarn requirements and at an affordable price. 

This Norway-based brand has sustainability and traceability at its heart; for example, the company focuses on wool from South America where it is guaranteed that the sheep are not subject to mulesing.

So, whether you want alpaca, merino, cotton, linen, silk, mohair, or cashmere DROPS has an enviable shade range in each yarn weight to get you reaching for your needles or hooks. 


Items 1 to 12 of 27 total
Items 1 to 12 of 27 total

DROPS patterns - all free!

It's easy to fall in love with many of the DROPS yarns so it may feel a little overwhelming when trying to decide which one to work with first ... and what to make!

To help and inspire you we have curated a sizeable collection of FREE pattern leaflets for each of the DROPS yarns we stock. To find what you're looking for quicker, don't forget to use filters down the left-hand side. And, don't be afraid to experiment - there's no need to stick to the shade stated in the pattern - pick a color that suits your personality and will enhance your outfit!