Metal knitting needles

When a project requires a bit of muscle bring in the metal needles!

Whether you're in need of single pointed, double pointed, crochet hooks or interchangeables, metal needles can ease the pressure when crafting with bulky yarn or projects requiring many stitches. Furthermore, their super smooth surface reduces the friction of 'hairy' yarns making stitches glide along and off.

Are you a tight knitter? If 'yes' then try metal needles as they encourage looser stitches.

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Items 1 to 12 of 111 total

Treat yourself to a set

Future-proof and treat yourself in one with a metal needle set - the perfect way to ensure you have the right size needle for your future projects. Brands such as Addi and LYKKE offer a stunning range of metal finishes and cases, as well as needle types to appeal to all crafters.

Needle sets also make perfect gifts, but be warned, you may want to keep them for yourself!