Stitch Holder

Ensure your knitting is held in place with a stitch holder produced by a quality brand. We supply knitting and crochet accessories from reputable names including Addi and Pony.

These are very handy tools that enable you to save your project when needles aren’t being used. They can be used at various stages in your project to ensure none of your hard work goes to waste.

We have metal safety pin holders in small, medium and large sizes so you can select the one that’s suited to your project. We have low prices offering fantastic value for money. Order yours and get fast delivery from Laughing Hens.

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Using a stitch holder for your project

A stitch holder is useful at many different stages in a project:

  • When completing the side of garments such as jumpers, tops and cardigans
  • When crafting the shape of a neck hole
  • When adding the ends of sleeves to garments before they’re included on the main body

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and you’ve never used these before. They’re easy to use and are helpful when you need to save a project to finish later. Take care not to accidentally split the stitches when inserting the holders and removing your needles!

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