Lace Knitting Patterns

Whether you're new to the knitting and crochet scene or a more experienced yarn crafter, our collection of lace knitting patterns are sure to inspire you. Using such yarns gives garments and accessories a lightweight and ethereal feel, adding a bit of drama to your wardrobe.

Choose from favorites such as Rowan, Manos del Uruguay, and DROPS, all of whom provides range of projects - sweaters, cardigans, tops, shawls to suit all tastes.

In some patterns the lace yarn is used as a single strand whereas others call for it to be held double throughout - either two strands of the same yarn or one strand each of that and another range, thereby creating garments with a wonderful drape exhibiting pretty color blends and shifts.

Here at Laughing Hens, we show all the designs contained within a pattern book - not just the cover! We also provide the yarn quantities and specific needles required for each size of each pattern so that you can order all you need in one go.

Need some advise in selecting lace pattern? Feel free to get in touch via telephone or email - we're here to help you get the most out of your next yarn project.

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Items 1 to 12 of 17 total

Lovely lace knitting patterns 

Lace patterns are just perfect for lighter spring or summer clothes and accessories. Intricate design may require more attention from the lesser experienced knitter, the beautiful items they produce are distinctive from other patterns in other yarn weights. 

Once you have selected your pattern, choose your shade from our alluring variety of 2 ply and lace weight yarns. Don’t forget to check you have the right needles for your design. We have everything you need so you can get started as soon possible. With our fast and friendly service, we are THE online knitting shop.