Sirdar, with its 100+ years of clothing styles at their backs, has a constant and ever-growing loyal customer base who recognize the brand for its trusted and fabulous range of yarn colors, fibers, and weights. 

If you're in the market for a DK-weight yarn then look no further - Sirdar particularly excels at this weight using cotton, bamboo, merino wool or, if you're treating yourself to a little luxury, cashmere and silk.

Bright jewel-like colors, soft baby pastels and earthy natural tones, there's something to satisfy all tastes.

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Items 9

Always on trend

Sirdar has built up a truly impressive archive of knitting and crochet pattern support for their yarns. From the necessity of the 1940s wartime knitter, through the fair isles and space dyes of the 1970s, the batwings and mohairs of the 1980s, up to the present day Sirdar has created something from every fashion movement and their design archive is incredibly diverse.

Looking for something to make for a baby or toddler? Browse the inspiring range of Sirdar patterns we stock here.

Or combine 'sporty' with a touch luxury for a truly hip and happening look using Cashmere Merino Silk DK.