Brittany Knitting Needles

Brittany knitting needles and crochet hooks are made using birch wood that’s been sustainably sourced. They’re beautifully hand finished and exactly sized, meaning they’re very comfortable to work with.  

Wooden needles and hooks are commonly preferred over plastic as they’re gentle on sensitive fingers, comfortable to use and great for people who have arthritis. Wood is also better for the environment as it’s biodegradable and easier to recycle than plastic.

Our collection includes single and double pointed options, cable needles and crochet hooks to suit a multitude of projects. We also provide plenty of different sizes from US 0 all the way up to US 35. If you need guidance on needle sizes, see our handy needle conversion chart.

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Items 9

Quality Brittany knitting needles

Brittany is a small family-run business that’s been running for almost 4 decades. They’re dedicated to providing excellent customer service and producing superb products that offer value for money.

They’re well-known for only using birch wood for their needles, which is because it’s lightweight, smooth and won’t drain the heat from your hands while you knit. Brittany care about their impact on the environment and ensure their packaging is 100% recyclable.

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