Mohair Wool

Mohair wool is produced from the hair of the Angora goat.

It’s one of the oldest textures fibers in use and extremely popular with loyal knitters for making anything from lovely warm scarves and shawls to soft furnishings. 

Mohair is great as it’s warm in winter yet cool in summer. It is durable with a natural elasticity, and takes dye well, as you’ll see from our wonderful selection of colors and designs. Click on any one of our many yarns below to see the delightful patterns and designs you can create.

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Items 1 to 12 of 19 total

Mohair Knitting Wool 

Mohair is a strong knitting wool and favored by knitters the world over. Whilst not a soft yarn as compared with alpaca or cashmere, it is warmer than other fibers and is often blended with wool for that reason. 

Wool of this kind is known best for its sheen and the halo appearance that its fluffiness can give to garments made using it. Novice knitters may struggle with the especially fluffy varieties but we have a selection of smoother yarns that are easier to use. 

If you are ready for a challenge yet stuck for inspiration, we have a special collection of knitting patterns for advanced knitters. Ensure that you check the pattern for the right needle size and materials you need to complete it. You will find everything here at Laughing Hens.