Rowan Yarn

Choose from a wonderful selection of Rowan yarn. Rowan has a diversely rich and authentic natural color palette making it perfect for all kinds of knitting projects. Rowan's extensive range of luxurious hand knitting yarns are produced from premium fibers including merino, alpaca, cashmere and cotton. 

Rowan is a brand created in Yorkshire which is well-known for its luxury, premium and organically sourced yarns. You can choose from a variety of weights and textures with our Rowan yarn collection which is regularly updated with knitting and crochet patterns.

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Items 1 to 12 of 36 total
Items 1 to 12 of 36 total

Rowan Yarn is Organically and ethically sourced 

As well as boasting a huge selection that is updated twice a year in line with the seasons, Rowan are an ethically conscious brand, and create their luxury, premium yarns from organic, natural fibers. 

Initially starting out in offices above a grocery store in Yorkshire, the Rowan brand soon moved to Green Lane Mill, Holmfirth, where it remains to this day. The vibrancy of the wool and yarn quickly became popular with designers and creative crafters who used it to produce inventive contemporary designs. Swiftly moving focus to the handknit market, it is now a global name and popular with knitters of all levels. 

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