Opal Yarn

Opal is a well-known and popular German brand loved by many across the world for its distinctive printed sock and sweater yarns. The company makes multicolour print, stripes, confetti, and flame effect yarns and is always on the hunt for new and exciting ideas in colour.

The classic Opal sweater and sock wool is a blend of 75% new wool superwash (a blend of German and South American wool) and 25% polyamide (nylon), which makes for particularly hard-wearing knitwear, especially socks.

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Supporting others

Since 2005, Opal has been supporting the Rainforest Rescue with its Rainforest collections. In 2021, the company handed over the accumulated check of 268,000 EUR together with its business partners to Rettet den Regenwald e.V.

Opal’s Schafpate ranges helps to support The Schafpate Project, which started in 2008. This initiative can be split into two parts: sheep sponsorship and the wool project. Through sheep sponsorship, Opal customers support the migratory sheep farming and the preservation of the unique landscape of the Wacholderheiden on the Swabian Alb. Opal, as a yarn manufacturer, the buys some of the high-quality shorn wool and processes it into beautiful printed sweater and sock wool. Via this project, Opal helps to retain jobs in Germany, support the sheep farmers, and pursue active environmental and nature conservation.