Macrame Yarn

If you enjoy working with yarns and creating home decor pieces then the wonderful world of macrame awaits! This craft employs a creative knotting technique which requires special yarn or cord. 

Macrame yarn is often made from plant-based fibers such as cotton, linen, jute, or hemp and is highly twisted to ensure your projects don't unravel.

If your project is not destined to bear a load such as a plant, other yarns may suffice. Whatever your home decor taste, you can find a complementary shade here to showcase your talent!

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Macrame projects

Whatever your age macrame is a mindful and rewarding hobby that's easy to master with a little patience and practise.

Special macrame yarn or cord is perfect for beginners as the craft's knots are easier to see. With a few simple knots and a little know-how, you are on your way to creating beautiful wall hangings, plant holders, mobiles, pot sleeves, napkins rings, and jewellery.