Macrame Yarn

Macrame yarn and cord is used in the craft of macrame, which uses combinations of simple knots and techniques to create stunning wall hangings, plant hangers, coasters, and art for your home. 

The best macrame yarns and cords are made from plant based materials like hemp, jute, cotton, and linen. They will have a high twist to prevent unravelling. Projects that are not load-bearing could use any yarn, however!

Indulge in some of this yarn and make a project that’s guaranteed to stand out. Whether you’re creating something for yourself, a loved one or for charity, a garment made with bouclé won’t be forgotten any time soon. Browse our huge collection of knitting patterns and get started on your next masterpiece!

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Use Macrame yarn for your next project

Macrame is a great craft for all ages, and easy to pick up! The simple knotting techniques can be combined to create beautiful things from earrings, to garland, to hammocks, and more. 

Macrame yarn is durable, and can take almost anything you can throw at it! Thick macrame yarns and cords are perfect for beginners, because the knots are easier to see and understand.