Knitting patterns for men

At Laughing Hens we offer an enviable range of knitting patterns for garments and accessories specifically designed with men in mind, particularly the sizing and/or the shaping.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for yourself or a loved one, we have something to suit all tastes and crafting abilities. Choose from, for example, colorful and chunky sweaters, textured cardigans, funky slipovers, dazzling socks or a sophisticated cowl.

If you need the pattern right now (perhaps you're on a stash-busting mission!) you can download many of the patterns as a PDF.

Also, don't forget to check out our patterns listed as 'unisex' - many of your favorite brands provide patterns to suit all!


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Items 1 to 12 of 128 total

Male Knitting Designers

Back in 1527, the very first knitting union was established in Paris ... and no women were allowed! Times have changed and knitting is now a hobby and skill enjoyed by all.

Playing with - and ultimately wearing - colors and textures has an enormous appeal and has given us many talented and famous male knitters and pattern designers. Check out some of these great household names for inspiring creations: Arne & Carlos, Brandon MablyKaffe Fassett, and Martin Storey.