Learn To knit, What Do I Need?

Learning to knit is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire. The great thing about knitting is that with a few basic starter pointers and an easy-to-follow knitting kit, you can be well on your way to creating fantastic woolen designs for yourself and your family and friends.

If you’re new to knitting, the thousands of wools , yarns  and tools and accessories can be daunting. So we’ve put together a simple guide on what you need to learn to knit. 

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So, what do I need to learn knitting? 

Before you start buying everything, we’ve together a list of the basic ingredients to get started: 

  • Yarn or wool
  • Needles
  • Pair of scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Crochet hook 

We have everything you need including patterns and special offers at our amazing online knitting and crochet shop. But first, here are a few pointers to picking the right hardware. 

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Choosing your yarn or wool 

Whether you are learning to knit or a seasoned expert, this is the possibly the best bit as there are thousands of wools and yarns in every texture, size and color to choose from. Honestly you’ll be addicted!

To start with, an easy option is to follow what the pattern says but if you do fancy experimenting, we have a great collection. Begin with something stretchy as stiff yarns like cotton yarn aren’t as easy to play with. 

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Top tip: Choose the yarn you love and one slightly in a lighter shade to follow your stitching more clearly.

Next step: needles 

The pattern will probably guide you here but if you are going off-piste, a bamboo or wood needle will stop the yarn from sliding away. 

You want the length to be long enough so as not let the yarn slip but not so long the needles are heavy or clumsy. It’s a balancing act! Make sure you match the needle to the fiber; thick with thick and thin with thin. 

Just a sewing needle, scissors, and a crochet hook, and you’re there! 

The sewing needle is needed to weave in the ends of your project and sew together different pieces. Choose one with a nice big eye you can pass yarn through easily and avoid hours of torment! Both metal and plastic needles can be used for yarn, with children and the accident-prone more suited to the latter! 

Crochet hooks for knitting? Yes, these prove to be really handy for any ends of your yarn too tiny to be woven in with the sewing needle. Lastly, scissors can be simple school ones or craft scissors  specifically designed for knitting and crochet. 

So there you have it; five simple ingredients for you to learn to knit. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we have a whole range of knitting patterns suitable for all levels to choose from. So get knitting! 

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