Hand Dyed Yarn: Featured Indie Dyer of the Month

Hand Dyed Yarn: Featured Indie Dyer of the Month

Featured Indie Dyer of the Month: GamerCrafting Hand Dyed Yarns

Throughout October we are super excited to present to you a mini collection of nerdy hand dyed yarns from GamerCrafting, and to tell you a little about the fabulous Angie – the dyer (and proud Geek) behind the yarn!

We have three awesome colourways from GamerCrafting up for grabs during October (that all complement each other nicely, so if you can’t choose…well why not just have them all?!) and three small-project patterns to get you knitting with these fantastic hand dyed yarns right away.

Angie started her creative journey as a musician and has been knitting for 10 years, designing for 4, crocheting for 3, dyeing for 2 and a half…and now has a super exciting announcement that you can read about here.

As a Gamer and self-confessed Geek, Angie is naturally inspired by video games and pop culture – the resulting GamerCrafting yarns are vibrant, spirited and not only eye-grabbing and drool worthy but super fun to work with. We can’t wait to get some on our needles!

Items 4
Items 4

Who is this Geek? 5 Minutes with Angie of GamerCrafting

Emily: Angie, we are so excited to be featuring your hand dyed yarns! What colourway do you enjoy dyeing the most?

Angie: I really like Pixelated Unicorn, because it’s just a huge explosion of speckles and colours. It’s named that because it     reminded me of a deconstructed unicorn, like the old dial up images that loaded improperly.

Emily: Who is your favourite knit/crochet designer right now?

Angie: Ahh that’s so difficult! How about I tell you what I have in project bags at the minute? A hat by Woolly Wormhead, a couple of shawls by Anna Nikipriowicz and Therese Hedlund, and I’m planning a hat by Karie Westermann. Oh, and some socks by Dana Gervais!

Emily: Do you have a yarn dyeing idol – who’s yarn do you always drool over?

Angie: There are so many indie dyers I adore, and all for different reasons. Dye Candy has the speckles game nailed down, Undercover Otter is wild with neons and unique techniques. There are so many talented dyers out there!

Emily: Can you tell us about an FO you are super proud of and why?

Angie: I actually just finished a Sunset Highway sweater, and I swear I’ll wear it every day until spring! It was the first time I knit colourwork that didn’t turn out terribly. It’s a 4-ply sweater and took me forever!

Emily: Come on, confess, how many crafty projects and UFOs do you have right now?

Angie: Yikes...if we’re including general crafty projects...dozens? I have an origami style deer that’s been unfinished for two years. I just took up spinning, so half plied batts are hanging out everywhere, too. And let’s not even get into the glitter boots I’ve been working on!

Want to get to know Angie more? Hop on over to her blog to read the GamerCrafting yarns origin story or find her on Instagram and Facebook.