Hand Dyed Yarn: Featured Indie Dyer of the Month

Featured Indie Dyer of the Month: Made By Penguins

Neon Christmas Hand Dyed Yarn Collection from Made By Penguins – Exclusive to Laughing Hens!

Step right up and enter a magical winter wonderland where your Christmas gifts are Made By Penguins! Ruled by an Evil Queen with a penchant for neon who is determined to cause Christmas Chaos by making Santa wear pink pants and eat his sprouts. She watches from her throne, which is protected by a shroud of Christmas Pudding Flame, nibbling on After Dinner Mints, sipping her Christmas mimosa and cackling to herself “Pink is for Christmas too!”.

For awesome amigurimi crochet patterns suitable for Made By Penguins yarns Lisa suggests you head over to Lex In Stitches (Alexa Templeton's) Ravelry Store.

Items 5
Items 5

Neon is so hot right now...

Lisa’s hand dyed yarn business “Made by Penguins” started through her love of Amigurumi crochet – a joy that her customers share as a lot of them love making toys too! Popular colors swing from one extreme to the other with mega bright shades (think Kawaii) and toned-down neutrals (for pets) being her best sellers. With her personal preference tending towards the vibrant side, this special Neon Christmas collection is true to form and is a delight to behold. Get yours quick ‘cause they won’t be here for long!

 Lisa wishes you all a merry and bright Christmas filled with knitting and crochet, adding “I hope you like the yarns, they're very un-traditional but quite ‘neon is so hot right now’ Christmas style”.