The 3 kinds of spring knitters and crocheters


With a new season on the rise, many knitters and crocheters are thinking about warm weather projects. Will you be switching over your stash?

It's not uncommon for people to switch over their wardrobes twice a year: when spring emerges, the heavy jumpers are folded and stored away to make room for airy sun dresses and sandals. When autumn settles in, we do the opposite, packing away summery outfits in favor of our favorite chunky knits. 

The way we see it, there are three different kinds of knitters and crocheters. 

Three kinds of spring knitters and crocheters:

The ones who stash their stash until autumn

There are some people who just can't bear to pull out their yarn and needles or hooks in warm weather. Maybe they don't like cotton or bamboo yarns and can't bear the feeling of wool on a sticky summer evening. Maybe they have other projects lined up for summer, like sewing beach bags and coverups for a holiday by the sea, or embroidering, or papercraft. 

Perhaps it's similar to how some people crave fruits and vegetables that are in season: they just don't feel like knitting or crocheting when it's too warm to remember what being cold feels like. 

Three kinds of spring knitters:

The ones who switch over their stash

There's a growing contingent of knitters and crocheters who choose to change over their stash when they change over their wardrobes. The chunky wool yarns get packed away and out come the linen lace weights, the 4-ply cottons, and the bamboo blend yarns for spring and summer. They'll cast on stunning lace shawls, drapey summer tops, and small homeware makes like tea cozies and coasters. 

It's true that some of us just can't keep away from yarn, no matter what the seasons and weather are! So instead of suffering under big wool projects or giving it up until September, we adapt with different yarns, smaller needles and hooks, and different patterns. 

Three kinds of spring crafters:

The ones who forge ahead

Some people describe themselves as being "monogamous" knitters and crocheters. These are the people who never have more than one project going at once, who finish one thing before beginning another. They don't care what the weather is, they will be finishing this afghan no matter what! 

They sit under big wool projects in the summer without a care in the world, happily knitting and crocheting away with a pitcher of lemonade at their sides. 

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