Macrame ideas for the home


Are you a macrame beginner? Check out our favourite macrame tutorials and ideas and our marcrame yarn and cord suggestions!

We love macrame! From wall hangings to plant holders, this versatile craft is peaceful and mindful, and we have just the yarns to craft everything thing you're dreaming of! Click here to see our hand picked yarns and cords for macrame. (add link)

What should I use for macrame? 

If you are making wall hangings, bracelets, or things that don't need to hold weight, your choices don't matter as much. Almost anything can be used for macrame in those cases - but we recommend a thicker yarn or cord for beginners learning their macrame knots! 

If you want to make something like a plant hanger, we strongly recommend using a cotton cord like Rico Creative Cord, which was designed specially for macrame. Other cotton, hemp, and jute style yarns are also a great choice, but make sure they have a high twist, rope like appearance so it won't unravel! 

We also love Wool and the Gang Buddy Hemp for more intricate hangers, this was also developed with macrame in mind. 


What can I use macrame for?

Funny you should ask: we've put together some curated projects and tutorials here for you to dive into! Macrame is a great choice for a craft no matter the age, and the knowledge of the knots might prove useful in other aspects of your life! 


Our favourite tutorials on macrame

If you're just getting started on macrame, we really love this video from Chelsea Sadler on some of the best knots for beginners. These knots are a great springboard into almost any macrame project! 

Once you've got a handle on the basics, why not try a cute leaf or a flower? You could use these on top of other macrame projects, or make a bunch and turn them into a baby mobile.
This row by row photo tutorial is for a macrame cat bed! (We know not all cats deign to use things made for them, but some would certainly love it, and this tutorial is really simple.) Thanks to My French Twist for the tutorial! (Click here for the tutorial)
Macrame for beginners tutorial for a cat bed
This adorable mini macrame plant holder is super simple, and quick to make! We'd love to make these for those cute little mini succulent plants you can get for an affordable amount. Thank you to the Think Make Share blog(Click here for the tutorial!)
macrame for beginners mini plant hanger tutorial
This little garland is simple, but multi-purpose with a little bit of creativity! Use it across the fireplace, or above a cork board, or tacked around a large plant pot to spice it up. Pair with some fairy lights in the garden or on the balcony for a festival-style vibe! This tutorial is thanks to Cuckoo 4 Design! (Click here for the tutorial)!
Macrame for beginners: garland tutorial
If you have larger plants you want to hang, this macrame plant hanger tutorial is a great choice. Plus, the instructions are available in English AND German! Hey Lila Hey made this tutorial, and we can't wait to make some colourful plant hangers for our plant babies. (Click here for tutorial)
Macrame for beginners: plant hanger tutorial
Click here for our curated yarn and cord favourites for macrame! (add link)
macrame for beginners: tutorials, tips, tricks, and cords