Learn to crochet


Trying to get to grips with the basic crochet skills? Our tutorial series: learn to crochet, crochet for beginners will help!

If you've always wanted to learn how to crochet, but don't know where to start, never fear! our learn to crochet video tutorial series was made with you in mind. From chain stitches, to an explanation of US vs UK crochet terminology, and every stitch you'll encounter in a beginner's pattern, we have it here in this post.
The chain stitch is used for the foundation of crochet that is done row by row, as in this video. (Curious about crocheting in the round? Check out our YouTube channel for that tutorial!) 
Slip stitches create a tight fabric, and are useful for edgings, creating patterns that use differing height stitches, and for things that need to be sturdy, like the bottom of a market bag.
Probably the most popular crochet stitch, learn to crochet with this video tutorial which also talks about the difference between US and UK crochet terminology. It's easy!
This fun stitch makes a fabulous texture! 
The UK treble (also known as the US double) crochet stitch is a popular choice for open, lacy crochet designs. 
This yarn-hungry stitch grows fast for an open, lacy look.
We hope this helped you!