5 Knitting Technique Videos


Want to improve your knitting techniques? Here are some videos from Joeli Creates to help you out.

1. How to Cable without a Cable Needle

Put off by cabling because you don't like messing around with a cable needle? Here's how to go without!

2. How to work Short Rows using the Shadow Wrap Method

Here is a quick tutorial showing you how to work short rows using the shadow wrap method. 

3. How to Make a Pompom

Struggle to get your pompoms to turn out just right? This video walks you through how to use a pompom maker. 

4. How to Tink Back Your Knitting

Made a mistake in your knitting? Here's how to undo your work a few stitches at a time so you can fix it.

5. How to Work in the Round Using Magic Loop

Want to start making more seamless projects but struggle with DPNs? This video shows you how to use the magic loop technique using circular needles.