Introducing Rowan Soft Boucle


Love the new teddy bear style cardigans and scarves in stores? Now, with the new Rowan Soft Boucle yarn, you can make your own!

This gorgeous new yarn is ultra soft and fluffy, and perfect for tactile projects like garments and accessories. We got the opportunity to have a squish of some of the samples from the new Mode at Rowan collection and took a little video to show you some extreme close ups to show off the stitches and how the yarn knits up. 


The new collection features the new Soft Boucle yarn as well as the new Merino Aria yarn, a soft, cuddly selection of patterns that are perfect for keeping warm in the chilly biting weather. These patterns are great for hikes in the woods or doing the school run, coffee in hand! We're particularly partial to the Teddy Gilet (middle left) to layer over a simple long-sleeved tee for a casual look you can easily dress up.
Boucle yarn knitting patterns
As you can see in the video, this yarn is ULTRA fluffy! As such, it knits up fast in these chunky weight patterns for a quick knit project you can knock out fast and get to the fun part of wearing it! Have a look at these closeups of the yarn, and see how fuzzy and soft it looks. The blend of wool, alpaca, cotton, and a little bit of polymide for strength knits up soft and cuddly, whether you're making a scarf, a cardigan, or a soft toy. This quick knit yarn is a great idea for last minute gift ideas, too!
Rowan Soft Boucle yarn