One Ball Challenge: free chunky scarf knitting pattern


Strapped for time? This free chunky scarf knitting pattern has you covered for last minute projects and gifts. 

You know what I love? I really love chunky yarns for last minute projects. I find that chunky yarn is like a delightful palette cleanser, a perfect project after working on something that took months to finish. I finished a sock last week, and I knit this chunky cowl to (hopefully) avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome. So far, so good: I now have one and a half socks and a fabulously squishy new cowl. 

One ball Challenge: free chunky scarf knitting pattern at Laughing Hens

This cowl was designed to be super simple, a quick knit for Christmas if you're a last minute maker like I am. You can (probably) knit this in your sleep - or at least while watching deliciously tacky Christmas movies on television over the weekend. If you're wondering, I knit mine while watching Elf. 


You will need just one ball of Rowan Hemp Tweed Chunky (£9.25 per 100g ball), a yarn needle for seaming up, and a pair of single pointed 7mm needles. That's it. 

I chose this yarn because: 

1. It's gorgeous and has a tweedy look that I'm loving this year

2. It means I get a new scarf for less than £10

One ball challenge: free chunky scarf knitting pattern at Laughing Hens

Free chunky scarf knitting pattern

Cast on 25 stitches. 

Row 1: K1 (K5, P1) Repeat to last stitch, K1. 

Row 2: K1 (P5, K1) Repeat to last stitch, K1. 

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the end of the yarn, bind off, and seam the ends together. I highly recommend blocking this cowl to allow the yarn to take a nice shape: the blocking creates a lovely drape for the cowl.

That's it! Voila! 

One ball challenge: see the free pattern on Laughing Hens

If you make one of these lovely cowls, make sure you tag me (@GamerCrafting) and Laughing Hens (@LaughingHens) on Instagram! We love to see makers making. 

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