One Ball Challenge: crocheted scent balls for the sock drawer


Looking to celebrate Socktober but don't have time to knit socks this year? Make these 20 minute crocheted scent balls instead, and treat your sock drawer to a lovely scent.

It's Socktober, and knitters and crocheters around the world are celebrating the return of cooler weather by knitting pair after pair of gloriously beautiful socks. Lace socks, cabled socks, crocheted socks - there's no limit to their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to designing and creating a handmade sock drawer. 

And then there are people like me: people who definitely overcommitted their time this season and who would love to knit a selfish pair of socks but are buried underneath piles of promised projects for loved ones. Don't even get me started talking about all that holiday crafting that I haven't even started on yet....! 

And so, I will celebrate the beauty that is Socktober with a super simple, quick crochet project: the scent ball. Much like the potpourri of years gone by, these make your sock drawer smell fresh as a daisy - or rather, fresh as whatever you fill it up with.

 One ball Challenge: free scented ball crochet pattern on Laughing Hens


One ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (pictured in Mulberry) is enough to make about 10 of these scent balls: so if you're making socks for loved ones for Christmas, you can include one of these as an added bonus gift. 

One 4mm crochet hook

One yarn needle to sew in ends

Scented things to fill the balls with: I recommend highly scented lavender plants, heather, cinnamon, or other strong scents like Rosemary and lemon. 

One ball Challenge: free scented ball crochet pattern on Laughing Hens

Scented ball crochet pattern

Round 1: working into a magic ring, do 6 double crochet (DC) stitches.

Round 2: work 2DC into each stitch: 12 stitches total at end of round. 

Round 3: *1DC, 2DC into next stitch*: repeat between ** until end of round for a total of 18 stitches. 

Rows 4-6: Work 1DC into each stitch. 

One Ball Challenge: scented balls crochet pattern on Laughing Hens

At this point it's a good idea to start stuffing your ball with scented things, before you begin decreasing and the hole gets too small. 

Row 7: *1DC, Decrease one stitch*: repeat between ** until end of round for 12 stitches total. 

Row 8: Decrease all the way around for a total of 6 stitches. 

Sew up what's left of the hole and weave in ends. That's all there is to it! 

One ball challenge: free scented ball crochet pattern tutorial at Laughing Hens

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