New Addi tools and accessories


Have you seen these new tools and accessories from Addi? They are on the front lines of innovation in the yarn crafting world, and we can't wait to share them with you! 

It isn't every day that there are exciting new innovations and releases when it comes to knitting and crochet tools and accessories. Addi are always researching and developing new things to excite and delight yarn crafters all over the world, and we can't get enough of these new ideas. 

Heart shaped stitch markers 

Addi heart shaped stitch markers from Laughing Hens

No more boring circular stitch markers for us! These super sweet heart shaped stitch markers come in a pack of six, which is plenty for almost every project. The hooks snap into the hearts for extra security, and the hooks fit over needles up to 6mm in size. Beyond that size, you can hook the stitch markers to the stitches themselves. We love these because of the unique locking mechanism that won't come apart, and the cute heart shape that's too cute for words! 


Olive wood crochet hook 

Olive wood crochet hook by Addi at Laughing Hens

 Who doesn't love a fancy crochet hook? It's been well documented that crocheters who suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome find relief with wood handled hooks. The wood warms in the hand, alleviating certain aches and pains that can come from chronic joint pain or just strain from excess use. 

These hooks aren't just good for your hands, they're beautiful as well - we love the look of these olive wood crochet hooks, and they hook better than standard aluminum hooks. Click here to see the whole range of sizes. 

Circular needle shortener

 Circular needle shortener by Addi on Laughing Hens

Many knitters prefer using long circular cords to long single pointed needles to save on space and weight on the wrists and hands. Circular needles are ideal for knitting on public transit or in a crowded cafe, so it's no surprise that so many knitters prefer them. 

Still, having to constantly push the stitches up and down extra long cords is fatiguing, time consuming, and can stretch out your stitches if you aren't careful. Addi came up with an ingenious solution in the form of a snap-on heart that holds your stitches in place. Each pack comes with six hearts in three sizes that fit all Addi circular cord widths

Needle gauge

Addi needle gauge at Laughing Hens

The first version of the Addi needle gauge included a slide out yarn cutter for on-the-go crafting. This new addition to the Addi family is a simple rounded edge version without the yarn cutter - it's safer for crafty kids, and you won't have a problem taking this one on an airplane if you knit on holiday (and who doesn't?). 

A needle gauge is a must-have for every knitter's collection - if the numbers rub off your needles, this gauge will tell you what size they are. Let's face it, guessing your needle sizes will end up with disastrous consequences!

What tools and accessories can't you live without? Shout out to on on Twitter @Laughing_Hens!