Knitting with Mom: a free pattern for Mother's Day


Did your mom or naan teach you to knit or crochet? Lynne Rowe talks about why it means so much to her and shares a free crochet pattern for Mother's Day.

Holding a hook or needles became second nature to me from a very early age, thanks to my lovely Naan who taught me to knit and crochet. The speed of her knitting always fascinated me and I’d watch in awe as she produced the most beautiful things from just a simple ball of yarn and two knitting needles or a crochet hook. Within no time at all she would knit up a cozy, colorful striped jumper or crochet a stylish granny-stripe poncho, and her hand-crafted garments were always worn with love and pride by her family and friends.

I was overjoyed when she bought me a children’s knitting kit with red plastic needles and brightly colored yarns, and with these simple tools and her help and patience, I proudly created scarves, skirts and hats for my dolls and teddies. There may have been a few holes here and there, but that didn’t faze me and eventually I progressed to knitting myself jumpers during my teenage years (although I don’t recall finishing any).

Knitting with Mom: a free crochet pattern for Mother's Day

Watching someone create beautiful things from a ball of yarn and a needle or hook can often lead to a desire to learn and it’s great if you can learn first-hand from a family member. Alternatively, you can teach yourself how to knit or crochet from books and online tutorials, or attend classes and workshops, but whichever way you choose to learn it’s usually a memorable and enjoyable experience that is fondly recollected. Not only is it great fun, it also gives you lifelong skills that you too can pass on to others.

Transferring knowledge and experience to others is a great way to keep skills and traditions alive, so it’s good to see that the art of knitting and crochet is still being passed from generation to generation. Both knitting and crochet are currently more popular than ever, thanks to the amazing variety of yarns that are now available in the most fabulous range of colors and fibers. It’s a hobby than can help you relax, unwind and channel your creativity, plus it’s a great way to meet other like-minded folk and make new friendships, either face-to-face or online.

Knitting with Mom: a free crochet pattern for Mother's Day

With new skills under your belt, you can create handmade gifts to say ‘Thank-you’, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ – but there doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to gift your knitting or crochet – you can give at any time; just because you can.

So with that in mind, here’s a free pattern for an easy-to-make crocheted flower that you can make in time for Mother’s Day, using oddments of yarn from your stash, together with a button or bead and a brooch back. You can experiment with different sized hooks to create different sized flowers and to make your flower extra special, as you crochet up your flower think of all the lovely memories that you hold of those special times with your Mom, and weave your emotions into every stitch. If your mom is sadly no longer with you, keep your flower to wear in her memory.

Knitting with Mom: a free crochet pattern for Mother's Day

Click here for the free crochet pattern for Mother's Day from Lynne!

You can use the flower for any occasion and it’s not just for wearing – you can use it to gift wrap presents, embellish bags or create a floral wreath. That’s the great thing about knitting and crochet – just one small thing can become so much more.

Happy crafting,
Lynne x

Editor's note: Lynne used Erika Knight British Blue Wool for these brooches, and each brooch uses less than one ball. Click here to see all available shades!

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Knitting with Mom: a free crochet pattern for Mother's Day