Introducing Amano Yarns


We're thrilled to be introducing a new yarn brand at Laughing Hens: Amano Yarns! With a heartwarming mission and inspiring yarns, we know you'll love Amano yarns as much as we do. 

What's special about Amano Yarns?

These luxury yarns are spun with only the finest of baby alpaca and mulberry silk fibers. They are soft, strong, and created with a traditional yet stunning color palette. From lace weight to chunky yarns, there's a yarn for every project, and we can't wait to show them to you! 

amano yarns mayu

Amano Mayu at Laughing Hens

Royal alpaca fiber is the cream of the crop: the softest alpaca fiber available on the market. This DK weight yarn is spun with cashmere and mulberry silk for a gorgeous, dip-dyed yarn with a subtle sheen that's perfect for accessories and garments alike. We love the Antonia Cardigan: it really shows off the tonal shades of this yarn. 

Amano Mayu patterns


Amano Yarns Puna

Amano Puna at Laughing Hens



This DK weight yarn is an excellent choice for all of your DK weight garments: the high twist of the yarn means that it looks gorgeous plain, cabled, textured, or lacy. We're loving this Dorita Jumper, knit up in Puna yarn. 

amano Yarns Puna patterns


Amano yarns Apu


amano Apu at Laughing Hens

This 4-ply, sport weight yarn was designed to live up to its namesake, which means "Gift from the gods." It's no small wonder that this incredibly soft yarn is sorted and dehaired by hand! Available in pure white, this yarn is a great contender for heirloom wedding shawls. We love the Misti Cowl in this yarn, as seen here. 

Amano yarns Apu patterns



Amano yarns Mamacha

Amano Mamacha at Laughing Hens

This stunning chunky weight yarn is spun with baby alpaca and merino wool. "Mamacha" means mommy in the native Inca language, and it's clear that this yarn is spun for the kind of comfort only a mother (and gorgeous yarn) can give. We love the Alca Cowl in this yarn, seen here. 

Amano Yarns Mamacha patterns


Amano Yarns Warmi


Amano Warmi

In the native Quechua language spoken by the Inca people, "Warmi" means union. This aran weight yarn is a union of two favorite fibers, baby alpaca and merino wool. The shades are inspired by native Peruvian produce, dyed with gorgeous vibrant shades. We love the Isabel Shawl, knitted up in this yarn. 

Amano yarns Warmi patterns



Amano Yarns Ayni

Amano Ayni

This DK weight yarn has a beautiful drape that's perfect for accessories like scarves, shawls, and ponchos. With a delicate shine and a high twist, this yarn has a superb stitch definition that really shows off the beauty of the yarn. With a range of muted and neutral shades, these colors were designed to work together. 

Amano Yarns Colca


.Amano Colca

This aran weight yarn is blended with baby llama and silk for a gorgeously soft yarn that we love for garments and accessories alike. With a soft halo, this yarn knits up soft, warm, and snuggly. Look at this gorgeous textured scarf, knitted up in Amano Colca! Click the image to see the pattern. 

Amano Yarns Colca pattern

amano Yarns Puyu


Amano Puyu

This high-tech chunky weight yarn is created by injecting puffs of air into a spun cage of mulberry silk, and then spun with the baby alpaca fiber for a yarn that knits up fast without the heavy weight of other chunky yarns. Available in a range of neutral shades, this yarn is a must-have for your stash. We love the Marcellina Pullover, knitted up with this yarn! 

Amano Puyu pattern


Amano yarns eco puna

Amano Eco Puna

Similar to the Puna range, Eco Puna is 100% baby alpaca spun into a DK weight yarn. Unlike it's sibling yarn, Eco Puna is undyed: the available shades are the exact shades of the alpacas it comes from. As the only difference is dye, this yarn works up to any Puna pattern.