Indie Dyers: Hand Dyed Yarns

Featured Indie Dyer of the Month: Watercolors & Lace

Throughout July we are super excited to present to you a delicious collection of delicately hand dyed luxury fiber lace weight yarns from the amazing Julie at Watercolors & Lace.

We have four completely exclusive colorways (you will not get these anywhere else!) up for grabs for a limited time during July only, on a luscious 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk base in a standard laceweight. Not only that but Julie has sent us three exquisite lace design patterns that can be made with her Alpaca Silk Lace.

Life-long knitter, natural fiber yarn enthusiast and botanical artist, Julie Harris started her lace knitting adventure around the same time she started watercolor painting. Disappointed that she could not find subtly hand dyed yarns that complimented the lacy designs and delicate fibers she prefers, Julie decided to learn how to dye her own using her hand painting skills and inspiration from the landscapes and flowers she loves to paint. Watercolors and Lace was born, and now after several years is blooming! Julie specializes in a stunning selection of luxurious lace weight yarns (and some 4 ply too), and designs intricate lace knit and crochet designs to best show them off.


Items 4
Items 4

Love lace? Want more?

Julie exhibits at a stack of events throughout the year – they are an awesome way to check out her yarns and designs in person…and of course chat with Julie herself! Next up is The Southern Wool Show in Newbury at the end of August.

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Feeling inspired?

After many months of mouth-watering hand dyed yarns from hand-picked Indie Dyers, we won't be surprised if you are feeling inspired to try yarn dyeing out for yourself.

Why not buy one of our Acid or Procion Dye Intro Packs to get you off on the right foot? You can also buy extra undyed yarn and combed top bases here to supplement your kit.

Check out our handy video on hand dyeing yarn here.