Gray Yarn

If you want to make something simple, classy and stylish, gray yarn is a great color to go for. We have plenty of different tones to choose from such as silver, granite, dove and ash. 

Gray is a fantastic neutral and classic timeless color. It’s a practical, reliable color and can create an impact if you really want it to. You’ll find plenty of different fibers to suit a range of projects, including acrylic, cashmere, cotton and bamboo. We also stock all popular brands, including Noro, Sublime, Sirdar and Wendy. 

Laughing Hens is a friendly, family-run service dedicated to providing those who love knitting and crochet with high quality natural fibers. We also provide a range of knitting patterns for all experience levels to ensure knitting and crochet enthusiasts are never short of things to do. 

Get your hands on some irresistibly soft gray yarn and create something special!

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Items 1 to 12 of 149 total

Knitting with gray yarn 

Gray yarn can be used for countless projects and is suited to a range of tastes and occasions. Knit jackets, sweaters, cardigans as well as accessories such as gloves, hats and scarfs. 

It’s a color that can be combined with other warmer colors to create a lovely pattern; try mixing it up with purple, pink or blue. For a more formal finish, opt for darker gray shades. Are you a beginner? See our blog on colorwork tips to get going. 

In just a few clicks, the perfect shade of gray will be ordered and on its way to you. Treat yourself – you know you want to!