Black Yarn

Black yarn is ideal for fashionable, elegant and classic garments. You can use black for projects all year round as it’s infamous for never going out of style! 

Knit or crochet stylish jumpers, tops and cardigans or lovely accessories such as gloves, hats or scarves in black. You can also create cute animal toys for children using black material. See our huge range of knitting patterns for more ideas. 

Laughing Hens has a large collection of yarns in black, which includes all your favorite brands. We have Debbie Bliss, Sirdar, Sublime, Noro and so much more. There’s also a variety of different weights and fibers to choose from, giving you plenty of options.

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Items 1 to 12 of 90 total

Knitting with black yarn 

Anyone who’s knitted with dark colors understands the challenges of using black yarn. We suggest knitting in a well-lit area as it can be difficult to see stitch definition and can put strain on the eyes. Place a white pillowcase or sheet behind your project so you can see clearly. Another solution is to knit with bright or shiny needles. One of the good things about dark yarn is that it can hide mistakes quite well! 

Browse our selection of black wool and yarn; we offer great prices and there’s always something to suit everyone!