Knitting needles by type

Laughing Hens stock single pointed and double pointed knitting needles, circular knitting needles in both metal and bamboo as well as a variety of crochet hooks. 

Knitting Needles

Shop for Knitting needles for every project. We stock a variety of types and sizes in popular brand names Pony, Addi, Art Viva, and Brittany ideal for any knitting project. 

It’s important to choose the right size needle for your project and our handy needle size conversion chart can help. Choose from a range of materials including wood, bamboo, metal and plastic. Whether you are using laceweight, or chunky we will have a needle. 

Double Pointed Needles

Double pointed needles are the best choice for projects such as gloves and socks or any other knit-in-the-round projects. You would normally use this type of needle to knit things that are too small for circular knitting needles. Use our range of double pointed needles to make hats, sleeves, mittens, gloves and socks. 

We have bamboo, wood, metal and plastic varieties from top brands, including Addi, Brittany and Pony. Just click on the needles below to see the choice of sizes.

Circular Knitting Needles

Circular knitting needles are two straight needles joined by a flexible cable. They are fantastic for any round knitting project like sockshats or sleeves. Circular needles are available on fixed cords or with inter changeable tips. Addi have a patented connection Addi-click.

Circular needles come in a variety of length cables and different size diameter needle tips so make sure you choose the right one! See our needle conversion chart, if you‘re unsure as we have a wide selection of knitting needles to choose from. As well as sizes, the tips are also available in different materials such as bamboo or metal. Bamboo and Olive wood have a better grip so is ideal for beginners, whereas metal is heavier and stronger and comes with a standard basic point or sharper lace point.

They are available in a range of materials and size options, just select a product to find out more.

Sewing Needles

Sewing needles for hand-sewing and darning. This variety of needle is long and slender with a pointed tip at one end and a hole or eye at the other. We have sewing needles from Addi, Rowan and Pony and each in a range of sizes. Don’t forget to see our other knitting and crochet accessories.

Crochet Hooks

A crochet hook or needle has a slender handle with a hook at one or both ends and is used to make loops in thread or yarn and to interlock them into crochet stitches. Choose from a selection of high quality hooks from trusted brands like Addi, Brittany and Pony. 

Here at Laughing Hens we have a lovely selection of the finest crochet hooks in our knitting needle collection. Choose from a range of materials including wood, bamboo, metal and plastic. From the beautifully carved smooth bamboo to the high- tech ergonomically shaped handles in our Addi range, we have everything to get you hooked on crochet! 

It’s important to choose the right size hook for your project and this should be indicated either on the ­yarn or pattern. Remember to double check with a tension square. Click through the products below to view the different sizes options available.

Knooking Needles

So what IS knooking? In a nutshell, it’s making actual knit stitches using a specialized crochet hook It’s knit and purl stitches. Knitting with a hook = Knooking. It looks like a crochet hook but differs from a traditional crochet hook in that it has a small hole at one end of the hook. The hole is intended to accommodate a cord, which is threaded through the hole. The cord is a necessary and integral part of the Knooking process.

To purchase your knooking tools, see our range of Addi equipment. You can buy a Kit or needles individually.

Needle and Hook Sets

With interchangeable sets, double pointed needle (DPN) sets, and crochet hook sets, we aim to stock the best needles and hooks at a range of price points. These knitting needle and crochet hooks sets mean you always have the right size needle or hook when you start a new project, and they all come in cases to keep them neat and tidy. 


And these sets also make excellent gifts for the keen knitter or crocheter!