Knitting needles By Material

We stock a wide range of knitting needles and crochet hooks, in a variety of materials. Choose from bamboo, wood, metal and plastic. 

Bamboo Knitting Needles

Bamboo knitting needles are the most flexible knitting needles and are very light making them particularly easy to use. They are the recommended needles for arthritis sufferers as they don't get cold. Bamboo needles are known to be the best for 'slippery' fibers like silk and cotton. 

We have a great selection of bamboo needles, suitable for every project. This includes single and double pointed, circular needles, crochet hooks and interchangeable. Alternatively you can treat someone special to a gift set. See below for all the sizes and styles; there are plenty to choose from.

Wood knitting needles

Wooden needles are light and have a warm, organic feel to them. These qualities make them a good choice for those with arthritis or other hand issues. They also tend to have have more friction which is helpful, and so they are often recommended for those who are new to knitting. They are also a popular choice when  working with  slippery fibers like silk. 

Metal knitting needles

Metal or aluminum knitting needles are often used because of their strength. They are very strong needles as well as being rather slippery, making them the perfect choice when knitting with hairy yarns that tend to stick as the metal reduces friction. These needles are also recommended for tight knitters, to encourage looser stitches.

Plastic knitting needles

Plastic knitting needles are both light and strong, making them a popular choice. Plastic needles are stronger than bamboo, yet softer than metal, therefore they are seen as a good compromise. They are also kind to arthritic hands.